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Euro Chieftain

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Euro Chieftain

This system complies fully with the all-important Government Regulation EN40 which dictates the maximum wind load that any type of signage is allowed to exert onto a standard street lighting column.  The Euro Chieftain's compliance opens up a massive potential especially within the Local Authority/County Council markets that very often demand this regulatory compliance within their tender documentation or as a general requirement.

Key Features:

  • Proven design with market-leading wind-spill factor.

  • Full compliance with the EN40 Government Regulation that dictates all lighting columns must be capable of facilitating the wind loading that a single 0.3 square meter rigid road sign would exert.

  • Wind tunnel tested up to 90mph; Results available in PDF format above illustrating compliance with EN40 (see Technical Specs document below).

  • Suitable for installing onto lamp columns and flag poles from 76mm diameter and above.

  • Compatible with straight, fluted or tapered columns.

  • Arms can be cut down to match any banner width required up to 800mm wide.

  • Can be used for one or two banners per column.

  • Arms easily removed in between banner campaigns leaving brackets and banding in place on the column.

  • Brackets installed onto columns using 3 Tamtorque stainless steel bands per bracket, estimated installation time to install one complete system and banner: 20 minutes.

  • Can be wall mounted using pre-drilled holes within bracket.

  • Full 5 Year product warranty

System comprises of 2 black fibre glass arms and 2 black powder-coated aluminium brackets with integrated spring loaded tensioning and banner-arm flexing mechanism.

Banner Specifications:

Most common banner sizes recommended are:

2000mm(L) x 600/750/800mm(W) and 2200mm(L) x 600/750/800mm(W).

Maximum banner size accommodated: 3000mm x 800mm

(only for short term or very low-wind area).

Banner fabrication exactly the same as for our BannerFlex Airow systems.

Delivery Lead-times: We always keep stock of all Euro Chieftain hardware and fixings.

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Euro Chieftain: Image
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