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Durable Lamp Column Banner Systems
from BannerflexEurope


Bannerflex Airow Systems

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Euro Chieftain

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Tamtorque Fixings

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Specific to the Euro Chieftain (for all other systems contact us for warranty details)


The Euro Chieftain system will work well for many years, increasing banner life offering excellent banner longevity.
However, maintenance is crucial and forms an integral part of the warranty requirements.
Banding and Other Considerations
Banding of all types require general maintenance, and even replacement, from time to time. We recommend only Tamtorque
banding to be used with our systems. It is recommended that plastic sleeving is used between the brackets and the column. This
helps to prevent damage to the painted surface of the column. This sleeving can be purchased from us in 30m x 225mm rolls for
you to cut to size.
A visual check must be performed 2-4 weeks after the initial installation and re-tighten the banding if necessary. Thereafter visually
check on the bracket condition and banding once a month and/or after any high wind storm, ensuring that there is no visible
damage to the bracket and there is still a strong tension when moving the poles from side to side. It may well be necessary to
tighten or replace the banding from time to time. Bannerflex Europe encourages customers to remove banners from brackets
when a known storm on a scale of 12 (64mph or higher) is expected on the Beaufort wind force scale. A maintenance log must be
kept as part of the warranty requirements and as a matter of health & safety.
Bannerflex Europe provides a four-year “Return to Base” warranty on the Euro Chieftain system against product design,
manufacturing and its wind-spilling capabilities as outlined in our Technical Data sheets and adherence to our detailed installation
procedure is an essential part of the warranty. During this warranty period, Bannerflex Europe will replace or repair the Euro
Chieftain brackets. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or
implied for a period of four years from the date of purchase.
Bannerflex Europe will not cover the following:
SHIPPING: customer is to bear all shipping expenses to return the unit to Bannerflex Europe. LABOUR & EXPENSES associated with
the removal or installation of replacement systems. DAMAGE: caused by improper installation, non/poor maintenance, misuse,
neglect abuse, accidents, alterations, corrosive environments and any other abnormal service conditions including freak weather
events. Our warranty only extends to the brackets and fixings (if purchased from us) and does not include banners. WIND SPEED -
This warranty specifically does not include product damage due to weather conditions rated 12 and higher (64mph) on the Beaufort
wind force scale.
Claims against the warranty must include:
Clear pictures of installations, including proper banding / fixing was carried out. Met Office weather report for the entire period
that the system was installed, to show that there were no storms above 64mph inc gusts of wind (rather than just wind speeds)
during the period while the brackets were installed. A copy of your maintenance log to prove proper checks were carried out as
described above will be required.
Bannerflex Europe customers recognize that performance related products like the Euro Chieftain require occasional
maintenance including checking for loose banding and/or the replacement of bands.
It is the responsibility of the customer to satisfy themselves that the lampcolumns they are proposing to use with this system
comply fully to EN40 regulations.

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