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How do our clients approach the all-important issue of wind loading created by placing banners onto lamp columns?

In our experience, our clients normally deal with this in one of three ways.

1) Pragmatic approach:  In consideration of our proven track record and our vast knowledge on wind loading and banner physics, the vast majority of clients are happy to install our BannerFlex products onto their lamp columns.  Practical considerations will be the age of the column, diameter of the pole, size of banner proposed plus any other signage already installed.

2) Installation of a test site:  If a client is unsure of the suitability of the columns then we can arrange a test site of one Bannerflex system and one printed banner (free of charge for most Local Authority contacts).  The length of the trial can vary from 1 – 3 months and observations made at agreed intervals.  We are happy to work in partnership with the client during the observation stages as required.

3) Scientific approach: Some of our clients prefer to employ the services of lamp column testing specialists.  This often involves a small tracked vehicle being used to test the physical integrity of each pole with ability to detect any element of decay.  We can put you in touch with companies that offer this service and can supply no-obligation quotations.  Once the integrity of the columns is established, a full banner campaign can be implemented using the same considerations as above.

At these early stages in assessing suitability of banners, our technicians at Brushwood Design Ltd are very able and willing to work closely with the client to determine the correct approach and impart our huge knowledge on the subject of wind loading and how to offset its effect onto lamp columns.  We are also able to put you in touch with contacts within many other Local Authorities that can endorse the success of our product and our high levels of service.

After rigorous wind tunnel testing and years of actual exposure to inclement weather our patented BannerFlex designs have proven to be winners in the market place with over 400,000 installations worldwide.

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