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Stainless Steel Tamtorque Fixings

We have recommended the use of these fixings exclusively for many years due to their quality, durability and security.

For the secure and reliable fastening of lamp column banner systems to columns and posts, ranging from 55mm to 340mm in diameter.  Manufactured from high strength stainless steel, with a hardened tamper-resistant screw featuring a unique recessed seven-sided socket.

Standard sizes available:

Fits dia: 55mm-70mm

Fits dia 70mm-100mm

Fits dia 100mm-130mm

Fits dia 130mm-190mm

Fits dia 190mm-250mm

Fits dia 250mm-340mm

Unique installation tool and driver bits are available for these bands.  Just ask when placing your order.

Tamtorque tamper resistant clamps can be used over and over again.  They are easily loosened, repositioned or removed completely using the special Tamtorque Tool and Bits.

Contact Us!

We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your order for banding to go with your systems

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Tamtorque Banding: Features
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